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Agency cooperation: As a distinguished Gamingsoft League alliance partner, you can use your resources to earn high commissions as soon as possible. From this second, you will be able to easily realize the dream of success and wealth.

Monthly Profit Monthly minimum effective member Month Refund
Casino Slot Sportsbook Lotto
1~200000 5 or above 30% 30% 10% 0.2%
200001~500000 10 or above 35% 35% 10% 0.2%
500001~800000 25 or above 40% 40% 10% 0.2%
800001~1000000 35 or above 45% 45% 10% 0.2%
1000001以上 55 or above 50% 50% 10% 0.2%

The above "conditions" are the total net profit income that your downline players bring to Gamingsoft Miles every month. This is related to your commission rate (the number of commissions is calculated based on the player's total monthly net profit).

Rebate / Commission Calculation:

Rebate (pre-accumulation + total current water withdrawal) - expenses (pre-accumulation + current total cost), when subtracted, there are two results:
Positive and negative
Positive number: subtracted amount + payout (pre-accumulation + current total payout) * rebate ratio = commission available
There must be at least 5 active members per month (referring to at least 1,000 yuan in the relevant project in the current month, and each offline member deposit is not less than 500), your sharing conditions can be established!

Alliance partners are responsible for paying all fees that include gaming taxes, banking transactions, bonuses, and promotions. These fees will be accrued and a portion of the partner's monthly commission will be deducted.

The monthly alliance system [payout/bets/total amount] shall be deducted according to the order of video, sports, odds, lottery, and sports games, including: for member discount, deposit/withdrawal corresponding fees (please note: Gamingsoft Club Online Entertainment City members repeat payment ¥ handling fee / less than 100% betting withdrawal fee is absorbed by the member, not included in the calculation).

The minimum effective member of the month is defined as a member who has made at least three valid bets in the monthly knot period. If the alliance system does not reach the minimum threshold of the minimum effective member in the current month, the commission will not be received in that month.

If the profit of the alliance system reaches the standard in the current month, and the minimum effective member number in the current month does not reach the corresponding minimum threshold, the commission rate for the month will be refunded according to the corresponding percentage of the minimum effective member number of the month.

For example: The system profit for the month is ¥100000, and the number of valid members in the month is 5, although the alliance has a profit of ¥100000, but it does not reach more than 5 valid members, so it is calculated according to the proportion of the effective membership of the alliance.

A: Payment Fees – Payments for bank deposits, withdrawals, etc. generated by members recommended by the Alliance Partner.
B: Bonus Bonus – A cash bonus or discount given to a member by an affiliate partner.
Please keep in mind that any use of dishonest methods to defraud commissions will permanently freeze the account and all commissions will not be refunded.

Example 1: After joining the Gamingsoft League Association, the commission is higher than 1 yuan, and at least 5 active users will be reached. The commission will be distributed to all agents after the settlement of the month. (Specific delivery time, please check the agent for the latest notice issued by the agent.)

If the commission is not eligible for commission this month, it will be taken to the next month to continue to accumulate until the commission is granted. (If there is a negative profit this month, it will not be accumulated)

Commission payment method: the settlement period is No. 10 of each month, the company's profit is calculated by the alliance program dividend formula. After deducting the corresponding preferential and administrative expenses of the alliance system members, the commission is started by the agent customer service on the 5th of each month. After the agent checks the commission, the commission will be directly transferred to the bank account bound by the agent before the 10th of each month.

The advertiser's guarantee agent, the Gamingsoft Club will use the settlement agent to issue commissions.


We will retain the right to change the commission rate and calculation method at any time.
The Gamingsoft Club also has the right to change, amend or add any terms if necessary and without any reason or advance notice.
If the joint venture partner does not meet our expected performance within the stipulated time, the Gamingsoft Club reserves the right to cancel the joint venture partner account at any time without any reason or advance notice.